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Most Reliable Art Handling Company in NYC

Handling art requires finesse and skills that Full House Moving NYC has accumulated over 15 years in the industry. We’ve handled numerous art projects where transportation has involved anywhere from one piece to complete collections around the world. If you have move art in NYC that need to be moved, Full House Moving is the service to call.

Shipping canvas artwork is an ‘art’ itself

There is no secret about the fact that when you want to move art pieces, most people choose to not trust a moving company at all. It is too big a risk for them to take so they prefer to do it themselves. Full House Moving NYC takes pride in providing a quality of service that most other art handling companies in NYC don’t offer. We are also providing professional furniture movers in NYC. We handle delicate artworks with precision making sure that they are transported in all their glory. From creating custom crates, boxes or any other traveling containers that may be required to carefully place the art pieces in a way that eliminates any chance of damaging them during transport, our local movers in NYC provide 24 hours service to do it all. No matter how many pieces you need to send and wherever in the world you need to do it, we take care of it all effectively. We even offer emergency service for moving art to the desired destination.

Do you provide storage and insurance for art pieces?

Of course, moving services in NYC are businesses that can’t always provide 100% guarantees of preserving the art pieces because at times there are things beyond human control that can cause damages to them. Full House Moving NYC carries the insurance honored by the insured pieces policy. This gives the certification needed to keep your policy in order and valid throughout the process ahead.

Handling and reinstallation

At Full House Movers, we offer fast response time and when an art handling and moving project is taken on board, it is completed with the best professional diligence that can be awarded. Transportation of art projects is a different breed and caliber of movement, therefore, requiring equal care. We make sure that our professional movers bringing years of expertise and sophisticated tools to help take down, pack, transport and then reinstall art pieces preserving all the glory that they bring along with them. For more information related to art handling and moving services in NYC, email us or give us a call. To receive a free estimate, visit our website and submit a request with your requirements. Our representative will be with you at the earliest.

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Our ease-of-booking process complements our online and by-phone appointment options. Check out Full House Moving today, and obtain a free estimate. We’re ready to handle your materials, and we can guarantee the knowledge, safety standards, attention to detail and timely delivery you need. When timeliness is a priority, your apartment, home, townhome or place of work is guaranteed success. On every level, Full House Moving is ready to serve your needs. We’ve served New York residents for over 15 years, and we’re well-versed in the importance of art handling. All shipping methods utilize stable environments, so your works of art are never at risk. Contact us about our quality control standards, and let us help you determine an in-depth shipment plan before we ever set foot inside your home. Full House Moving offers both local and long-distance art moving services, and each is custom-tailored to your prized possessions’ needs.
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100% Satisfaction

"Most amazing moving company I’ve ever used!! Extremely friendly and helpful, fast and efficient. There was even a loose leg on my dining room table and they fixed it! Will never use another company in NYC."
- Christine Wilkinson


"Full House Moving was accommodating, timely, and extremely friendly. They were fast and made for an easy move. Reuben helped me through insurance with my building and acted as the liaison between our move and the buildings rules. I’ve never had such service and all for a great price to boot! I would recommend them to anyone of my friends who’s looking for movers. They are reliable!"
- Amanda Whitcroft

Highly Recommended

"Dealing with this moving company was great from start to finish. The owner takes all the calls and text, he responded really quick and made things so convenient from start to finish. His movers are very nice and personable. The price was reasonable as well. This company really tries to make everything right for the customer."
- Dino Hroncich