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Moving homes can be a hassle if you don’t know the right people for the job. It can be more so if you have to evacuate the current residence, but your new home isn’t ready. Full House Moving NYC provides temporary storage for a month or more depending on your requirements. If you’re in a predicament regarding the belongings and where to store them, get in touch with us today.

Reliable and Simple Moving Storage Solutions

Full House Moving is a premier moving company providing trustworthy and convenient solutions for the past 20 years. We understand moving schedules and provide a bundle of services that relieve you of any stress when shifting. We can align your preferences and requirements by offering storage services near NYC and around it for your stuff while you move. No matter what the problem may be, we take care of the hassle for you. We allow you to make an otherwise lengthy and tiring process easy and effortless. Our professional local movers NYC specialize in all aspects of storage while changing homes separating delicate items from other pieces to make sure everything is delivered to you safe and sound. Our large fleet of trucks enables us to handle any special requests regarding the transportation and storage of your belongings.

Helping you move within a budget

We understand that moving homes is a difficult thing on its own and it is more so when you have to leave in an emergency with no place to keep your stuff. Full House Moving NYC takes this issue off your hands by offering professional movers storage for up to a month in both long and short route moves. We respect that your belongings are priceless to you so we treat them as such. We ensure in providing affordable storage solutions that don’t put you under additional financial strain. We are professional movers who allow you to cut middle-man costs by offering to pick everything from your home, store it carefully and deliver them to you when you are ready. Trust us to handle your moving effectively while you focus on the other issues at hand.


What to do if I’m not sure when I can move into my new home?

Full House Moving NYC provides an all-purpose storage facility for this exact purpose. Simply give us a call, email or scroll to the bottom of this page to submit a query and receive a free estimate. We are a moving company that can manage the whole process in an emergency and offering fast response times even in normal circumstances. For more information, contact us at the earliest.

Professional movers for all kinds of furniture

Furniture has different types of characteristics and styles. The difference in installation, weight, and materials can add to your problems when moving. This can become even worse if you choose to do it yourself or hire an immature moving service in NYC. Full House Moving has a staff of well-equipped and highly trained professionals who understand the intricacies of furniture movers NYC . Even during storage, we ensure that any sensitive furniture is kept in controlled environments until it is ready for delivery.

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100% Satisfaction

"Most amazing moving company I’ve ever used!! Extremely friendly and helpful, fast and efficient. There was even a loose leg on my dining room table and they fixed it! Will never use another company in NYC."

- Christine Wilkinson


"Full House Moving was accommodating, timely, and extremely friendly. They were fast and made for an easy move. Reuben helped me through insurance with my building and acted as the liaison between our move and the buildings rules. I’ve never had such service and all for a great price to boot! I would recommend them to anyone of my friends who’s looking for movers. They are reliable!"

- Amanda Whitcroft

Highly Recommended

"Dealing with this moving company was great from start to finish. The owner takes all the calls and text, he responded really quick and made things so convenient from start to finish. His movers are very nice and personable. The price was reasonable as well. This company really tries to make everything right for the customer."

- Dino Hroncich