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Event and Special Moves in NYC

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Affordable Event and Special Moving Services

Allow Full House Movers NYC to handle the moving of your event, guaranteeing a perfect and unforgettable experience from beginning to end with our event & special moving services in New York City. We are experts in carefully and precisely managing your most valuable possessions, whether for business galas or delicate art displays.

Expert moving consultants in NYC are just a call away.

Specialized Expertise

We have undergone specialized training, event knowledge, and unique item shipping requirements for optimal accuracy.

Full-Service Approach

Besides moving, we offer custom-made crates, packaging services, and all the logistical assistance needed to handle any aspect of your event or special moving.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Our services enable us to adjust to the changing needs of your event and ensure that your needs are always met.

Excellence in Service

Need Specialized Care for Delicate Equipment Moves?

Delicate equipment is important in several industries because accuracy and sensitivity are crucial. Transporting high-value electronics, intricate machinery, or modern technology safely and securely is important to maintaining these asset’s worth and functioning. Damage during moving may result in expensive repairs, lost productivity, and sometimes even data loss.

We are aware of how crucial sensitive equipment is to your business. As one of the leading movers in New York City, our special attention goes above and beyond standard moving services to guarantee that your priceless belongings are treated with the highest care and accuracy.

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We Deliver Event Success

How We Plan Your Move in NYC

Moving in or out of NYC requires a simplified procedure that you must explore:

Your Event, Our Expertise, Effortless Moves

We Handle Every Event and Special Move Request


Every special move request is given careful consideration and customized solutions to guarantee a smooth experience:

Contact us to get an estimate for your specific requirements.

Safekeeping Your Stuff

Storage Solutions for Event Equipment and Supplies

Regardless of your level of experience organizing events, whether you’re a company preparing for a trade exhibition or an organization that hosts regular events, our storage solutions provide a smart and effective way to manage your valuable event assets. Our moving company in NYC handles your assets with extreme care so we can ensure their safety, whether they are being stored or recovered.

Convenient Access

Climate-Controlled Spaces

Flexible Space Options

24/7 Security Monitoring

Inventory Management System

Customized Packing and Crating

Your Roadmap to Smooth NYC Moving

Browse into our FAQ section for quick answers to any moving questions. From packing advice to logistics, we’ve prepared thorough answers to keep you informed.

Still have questions? Contact us – our team of moving consultants for event & special moving service in NYC are here to help you through every stage of the process.

Can you handle the transportation of sensitive equipment and technology?

Our team is equipped with all the resources required to handle delicate and expensive equipment, including electronics, technology, and other specialty items. We offer safe packaging and delivery to protect all your belongings.

What kind of events do you cater to?

Full House Moving has extensive expertise in managing various events, including trade displays, business gatherings, art exhibits, product launches, and any other occasion when particular attention to item transportation is required.

How does your service differ from any other moving company in NYC?

Our service is designed to meet specific item and event needs. Our professionals are skilled in managing pricey and fragile items, and we provide personalized services to guarantee your possessions get to their destination securely.

Are you able to help with logistics and also organizing events?

Full House Moving offers planning and coordination to simplify the moving process. Our team ensures a comfortable escape by working with event locations and determining the most effective transportation route.