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Moving a house or office is a laborious and sometimes terrifying task. Couple that with having to move from one state to another and things can spiral out of control. Best Long Distance Movers in NYC, especially reliable ones, are difficult to find. Full House Moving NYC offers more than 15 years of experience in the industry along with the right equipment to help your move be streamlined effectively.

Trusting a moving company in NYC with a move especially over long distances is a challenge. There is a constant fear of valuable stuff being lost or damaged in transit. We specialize in being different by providing the most credible long-distance moving services in NYC. We pack, load, and deliver your belongings in a way that ensures everything is unloaded at the destination just as it was dispatched.

Reliable Long Distance Moving without any Hassle

Long distance moving in NYC involves everything from packing to loading, delivering and then unloading at the new destination. At Full House Moving NYC, we have you covered for each and every service that you may require while moving your home or office movers. Whether it is over a short distance or from one side of the country to the other, we have the service to satisfy all your needs.

We take pride in being one of the most comprehensive moving services near you. We provide professional long-distance movers who bring the skills and expertise that an efficient move requires. Our service doesn’t just end when we deliver you things to the new home but we make sure that we provide any help that is needed in unpacking and reassembling any complex and heavy furniture moving.


Providing Safety and Peace of Mind

Letting a moving company in NYC handle transportation means entrusting them with some of the most priceless possessions in your home. Even normal things are important to a household and we value the trust that you place in us. Our professional movers make sure to deliver on the trustworthiness that you are expecting from us.

At Full House Moving NYC, it is our goal to make sure that everything you trusted us with is delivered just as it was handed over. Book an appointment with us today or get in touch to acquire more information about the moving services packages we provide and how we safely transport specific items over long distances across the United States.

Delivering Ease and Simplicity

A long Distance Moving Company in NYC must deliver convenience, affordability and ease all in one package. At Full House Moving NYC, we do just that. We promise to deliver more than just your belongings over long distances but we also bring satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers. At the end of the day, for us, the preference is the fact that you are content with our moving services. We provide the most budget-friendly packages for every service so give us a call today to know more.

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We can provide documentation of our licenses and insurances for any assets you think may need it. You can reach us via email at info@fullhousemover.com or simply call (212)-243-6683 to get information about our moving services in NYC.
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100% Satisfaction

"Most amazing moving company I’ve ever used!! Extremely friendly and helpful, fast and efficient. There was even a loose leg on my dining room table and they fixed it! Will never use another company in NYC."

- Christine Wilkinson


"Full House Moving was accommodating, timely, and extremely friendly. They were fast and made for an easy move. Reuben helped me through insurance with my building and acted as the liaison between our move and the buildings rules. I’ve never had such service and all for a great price to boot! I would recommend them to anyone of my friends who’s looking for movers. They are reliable!"

- Amanda Whitcroft

Highly Recommended

"Dealing with this moving company was great from start to finish. The owner takes all the calls and text, he responded really quick and made things so convenient from start to finish. His movers are very nice and personable. The price was reasonable as well. This company really tries to make everything right for the customer."

- Dino Hroncich