Top Tips for Moving in NYC During Peak Season

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Relocating to a new place in New York City is never easy, but it becomes more difficult during the peak season, which typically spans from April to September.

This time of year is the busiest period in the real estate market of New York City. People from different regions are moving to NYC. Most people relocate in these months due to a job change, favorable weather conditions, the end of the school year, etc. New York City’s unique mixture of high resident density, congested roads, limited parking, and road traffic adds to the complexity.

However, with mindful planning and some professional tips, you can make your move to NYC during peak season a smoother experience.

Important tips for relocating to NYC during a peak season

Plan like a pro

Planning before moving is the basic thing to consider. Planning everything and writing it down is important so you know exactly what to do and where to begin. Planning includes a floor plan checklist, packing essentials checklist, moving supply checklist, etc.

Plan the cost of your move and try to stay within that budget. Ultimately, you will need some extra money for additional stuff in your new home, so save your money for that.

Start as soon as possible

Try to start packing your things as early as possible. We recommend at least 4-5 weeks before your moving day. Packing things this early will help you relocate without fearing missing anything.

Moreover, if you plan on having a professional team of packers to come and pack your stuff, have them come in a few days before your move.

Use legit online apps to sell your unwanted stuff

Use applications like Facebook, Marketplace, Declutter, etc., to sell your unwanted things at a good rate. Items like broken chairs, furniture, etc., will no longer be used in your new house, so try to sell them as soon as possible via these apps.

If you cannot sell your unwanted items, then throw them away. Otherwise, the moving companies will charge for these items because long-distance movers usually charge by weight. So, try to sell them or throw them away for your good.

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Hire a professional moving company

The biggest challenge when moving to NYC is hiring a professional moving company. Due to the peak season, these companies are extremely busy, and finding a good one is a great challenge.

Well, after you succeed in hiring a professional mover company, ask them to move your things on weekdays and in the early mornings because of the lower traffic on the roads.

Remember that these mover companies charge more on the weekends. It’s a good practice to book them as soon as possible and clarify all the timings and customizations before they start.

Stay Hydrated

NYC’s summer months are too hot, so try to stay hydrated, especially while packing your things. 

Heat stroke is quite common in New York City, and there’s a great chance of getting affected, so take care of yourself and always carry a cold water bottle with you.

Don’t forget about the insurance

Getting proper insurance is vital during peak season, especially if you share a moving truck with anyone else.

Your items can get mixed up in the moving vans, and there is a great chance that fragile things will break in this peak season, so getting your items insured is a safe way to protect them in case of any mishap.

Collect all your documentation and paperwork

Collect all the necessary documents, such as ID cards, passports, birth certificates, driving licenses, university documentation, and medical records. 

Pay all your current bills and cancel your TV / Netflix subscriptions. Properly arrange their payment receipts in case you need them for proof.

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